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What is it and do I need to worry?
Posted by Cathy Miller on July 26, 2019 in  uncategorized
What do I need to know about mold? There are few things that homeowners dread more than mold in the house. You’ve likely heard horror stories about people living with mold infestations that made them seriously ill. Is this just hype, or is there a real danger to having mold in your home? More importantly, what can you do if you find mold growing somewhere in the house? What Is Mold? Mold is a broad group of fungi, with thousands of species and subspecies around the world that typically prefer dark and damp ... read more

Kitchen Fires

Kitchen Fire Safety
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Kitchen Fires 101 Several of the biggest fire hazards in your home all live in your kitchen. The oven, the stovetop, your toaster… when you think of all of the heat sources your kitchen contains, it’s almost a wonder that it doesn’t burst into flames on the regular. Joking aside, the kitchen is usually a pretty safe place so long as you keep an eye on things. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore fire safety rules when in the kitchen, of course – knowing how to handle a kitchen fi... read more

Plumbing woes

When a pipe bursts
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Who do you call when a water pipe bursts? A burst water pipe is no laughing matter. Depending on the size of the damaged area, a large pipe can lose a gallon or more per second. Even smaller pipes can cause a significant amount of water loss, not only driving up the water bill but also potentially causing a lot of water damage. When you’re dealing with a burst pipe, it’s important to take action quickly to stop excessive water loss and get the pipe fixed as soon as possible. Depending on the pipe that... read more

The Dirt on Septic Tanks

It ain't all roses
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The Dirt on Septic Tank Ownership Septic tanks are common in rural areas, though depending on where you live, you might have a septic system, even close to town. So long as things are going smoothly, it’s often difficult to tell that there is even a septic system in place. If your septic tank starts having problems, though, it may not take long for it to become very obvious that something is wrong. Whether you’re new to septic tank ownership or are wondering what sort of maintenance your existing tank... read more

Smart Windows

What you need to know
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Smart Windows Are Here: What You Need to Know Everything’s getting smarter these days. Everything. Not only are smart appliances, smart outlets, smart light bulbs and smart TVs gaining traction, smart windows are all the rage among the techy types. They can also be a really useful part of your home automation setup. They’re not for everybody and there are differences in what various types can do, though, so pay attention and research the windows of your dreams well before you choose one for your home. ... read more